Night Shift Sheffield – Halloween 2024 Jan Doyle Band, Medea Project, Syd.31

Click Image for tickets! £8 + 80p fees advance!



In alphabetical order as no one is the ‘headliner’ as such.. just a group of people all working together to provide you a lovely spoopy time!
Jan Doyle Band – Very much taking on the dark side sensibilities here with it being halloween, JDB will be going as GOTH as possible to provide you with the DARKEST evening of spook they can!
The Medea Project – Nottingham’s finest purveyors of the darkly doomy stonery metal goth – they do however say they don’t conform exactly to a particular style but the sound is still very much slightly on the dark side. In their words its’ “stripped down with elements of stoner, doom, death, black metal and gothic rock washing through.” and it’s pretty damn spectacular! As you will have seen if you saw them at our Sheffield gig last year!
Syd.31 Probably need little introduction but we’ll do it anyway. Self style ‘vengaboy punk’ as they coined at the start. Though in the studio Syd.31 is a solo project of horror punk and Industrial metal by Dr Magic as a showcase for his songwriting and for his angry anthems designed to connect with freaks, weirdos and outsiders. Live though it’s Dr Magic and guitarist Shavo and they’re known for spectacularly powerful live shows with many an anthem.

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