Night Shift Nottingham – The Spiritual Bat & Chaos Bleak 7th May


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We are utterly delighted to work with a pretty legendary band here! One of few European bands in the scene that has carried out several coast-to-coast tours in the USA. The Spiritual Bat is based in Italy and has performed at several festivals in Europe, such as WGT, Whitby Goth Weekend, Return To The Batcave, Gotham Sounds, Castle Party. The project evolves from “The Spiritual BatS” (plural), conceived in 1992 and features artwork by the Alchemistic Painters.
We are hugely blessed to have this extremely rare chance to put them on in the UK!

Chaos Bleak  Stage time 9.10pm

Renowned Nottingham goth rockers with such an incredible pedigree (and it could be argued legacy of Goth)..  Members from Nightbreed Recordings, 13 Candles, Death Party UK and so much more..  and in fact one is writing THE book on 90s goth – an era so neglected (haven’t you noticed how all those ‘goth’ tomes hitting the shelves seem to go to the end of the 80s and that’s it?)

Well known for their no holds barred ROCK goth with a mighty might power and presence. Their latest (second!) album already receiving plenty of attention as they head out around the UK on tour..


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