Night Shift Sheffield – Sheffgoth Goes Home

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We make goth return to its former home at Hallamshire Hotel Sheffield. Well known in the past for its thursday Goth events and the venue seen as a right of passage in effect for many Sheffiel Goth acts. It’s been closed for a long time but finally it’s re open so let’s DO IT AGAIN.

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Chaos Bleak  Stage time 9.10pm

Renowned Nottingham goth rockers with such an incredible pedigree (and it could be argued legacy of Goth)..  Members from Nightbreed Recordings, 13 Candles, Death Party UK and so much more..  and in fact one is writing THE book on 90s goth – an era so neglected (haven’t you noticed how all those ‘goth’ tomes hitting the shelves seem to go to the end of the 80s and that’s it?)

Well known for their no holds barred ROCK goth with a mighty might power and presence. Their latest (second!) album already receiving plenty of attention as they head out around the UK on tour..

Jan Doyle Band (stage time 7.30pm)

Well known around the Goth and electronic scenes – JDB rarely repeat the same setlist and have an usually eclectic approach to sound. No genre is out of bounds and every performances is a huge flamboyant spectacle that is typically unique to that night. The dedication to visual spectacle absolutely unmatched with new romantic flair combining with futurist fashion and goth fervour.

In this set, the first time this type of production has been performed in Sheffield, Zoe Pussycat joins in (her first appearance in the UK outside London) to take vocal lead on at least 4 tracks. Largely concentrating on their DEMON CHURCH production that was done for Goth City last year you will get a mix of goth, post punk synth pop and so much more – presented in the newest band appearance that they dub ‘The Golden Age’.


Moonsleep  (stage time 8.25)

This solo female darkwave electronica band is unmatched at creating atmosphers. While previously seemlessly mixing her own material with that of other well known artists (y’know actually merging them together DJ like live) we are told that this time there is likely to be some vocal work from her. We had her along to prime the crowd before our Sisters of Mercy tribute gig and the effect was just sublime with the incredible combining of tracks to create a whole new atmosphere.


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Doors open 7pm

7.30pm Jan Doyle BAnd

8.25pm Moonsleep

9.05 Chaos Bleak



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