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Jan Doyle Band has been on the live scene since 2011 forging a unique path through Goth, Industrial, Synthpop and Punk.

Often acting as something of a loose collective though forever helmed by Derek Anthony Williams, songwriter and front man, who takes the approach that it’s easier to have a band waiting for you in a city rather than have to transport them there. As such JDB is a solo act, a duo, a trio and, on rare occasion, a four piece.

The versatility of the project allows the ability to fit in with many different genre line ups though mostly we aim towards the goth scene.

The live setup being 90% laptop allows huge flexibility and fast setup and packdown. With a large back catalogue sets can from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the requirements. For international shows, a midi keyboard or guitar may be required depending on the set.

The live shows have achieved some renown for spectacular, vibrant, energetic and often unpredictable performance combined with a spectacular stage image.

There are several key looks and styles that are presented, the current one being ‘The Golden Age’ as it has been dubbed.

Example sets and their relevant looks:

The Body Balanced ‘Futurist’ set 

This performance often features more talking to the audience between tracks to give a little background info on the meaning of each track.

Distance (instrumental), Body Balanced, Confusion, Reflections, Until the End of the World (u2 cover), Play Pretend, Start of War, Yes Sir I can Boogie
Body Balanced Music videos playlist

Body Balanced EP Download


The Golden Age

(track  listing often based largely on the Demon Church virtual set created for goth city)

Feral Nihilist Soft , The Within, Unforgotten, Waiting, Sister Sarah, Vampire Zoo (with Zoe Pussycat), Void (With Zoe Pussycat), They, Send Me An Angel (Real Life cover)

The general tone of these sets is a bit less frivolous perhaps than other ones, without inclusion of a silly cover song. Less chatty between songs.

Golden age or Goth:

I Thought He Was Your ReflectionRain on Ice, My Female Friend, Unforgotten, Now and Never, Waiting, Sister Sarah, They, Martin (soft cell cover in goth mode)


Typically presented in a mini skirt look

Drop Dead, Snake, Feral Nihilist (Hard), Ode to the Living Dead, Green, Start of War, Assimilate (Skinny Puppy cover), Yes Sir I Can Boogie (Baccara Cover) (or I Will Survive or Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Verka Seduchka cover)


Sometimes a split set starting with a suit based image is done with the body balanced set which would include such as:

Pulsing/Perfectly Damaged mindNoble, Nitrate Visions/Green or any number of tracks from the varied back catalogue.

Also popular is the cover of The Sisters of Mercy track Nine While Nine

Jan Doyle Band press:

“A band half way to old school goth Sister’s of Mercy but got snagged on David Bowie, and slipped in a puddle of glam; in a sense… The Clash on acid” ElektroVox.com EP Review & Interview

“On stage they own it, their presence sends the venue to another alternative universe somewhere in the intergalactic hyperspace”  Reflections of Darkness Goth City live performance review

Derek [..]has playfully created his own genre – ‘Insurrectionary Neo Futurism’ – to encompass JDB’s output. [..]As vague [..] as that is, it somehow perfectly captures [the] no-holds-barred approach to music and live performance.  DSO Audio EP Review and links to gig reviews

On stage, [he] adopts an entirely different persona: His bouffant hair, elaborate make-up and sex boots provide the costume, while his performance is never forgettable – and rarely confines itself to the boundaries of the stage. Electricity EP Review 

This EP represents a unique and versatile band flexing their creativity – Reflections of Darkness EP Review

A theatrical fist-pump of dark electronica amplified with new romantic flair.  Louder Than War Gig Review



London 22nd December 2023

Credit James Hammick

Nottingham 9th December 2023

Credit Justin Walker of Chaos Bleak 

London 6th December 2023

Credit Pouru Onishi


Nottingham 21st November 2023

Credit: Shaun Morris Rock N Roll Exposures

Gateshead 29th September 2023

Credit: Shaun Morris Rock N Roll Exposures


London 29th July 2023

Credit Pouru Onishi



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