Night Shift & Gateway Goth Events present Jan Doyle Band. Brenvela, DJ Scarecrow in St Louis, MO,USA (10th May)

NOTE: Event will be a $10 cover charge and is a BYOB venue for now. Cash only!

Missouri law does apply and underage drinking will not be tolerated.

Gateway Goth Events in St Louis has been running for quite some time now and continues to gain ground with its particular focus on a welcoming attitude. It had been recognised that the local area hadn’t been hugely focused on providing safe havens so they stepped up to the challenge and specifically stated their events were LGBTQ+ friendly etc.  Absolutely no negative attitudes can be tolerated and of course we highly approve. They run various nights and have a great mix of music from new to classic. They also even have a newsletter…
Go take a look at their fabulous website.. 
From Gateway Goth Events we have the wonderful DJ Scarecrow handling music between bands and after, without who’s help this event wouldn’t have happened. So many many many thanks for his wondeful help.
So about the music then..
Jan Doyle Band fly all the way to St Louis for their second ever appearance there and 3rd USA gig overall..  Presenting a unique combination of futurism, Goth, Punk and Synthpop with a hugely flamboyant presentation, JDB certainly have made a name for themselves. Expect a unique journey through different moods and even genres as this act refuses to be categorised (whilst stil largely being within the GOTH scene)
Brenvela is a the product of a single singer who has several acts under their belt, from Murder Happens, Vela Uniform, Deep Earth//Big Sky and Alphatastic. The music of Brenvela can be described as electronica with R&B elements featuring brooding, shadowy atmospheres and pulsing chords and beats to hypnotic, ethereal, soundscapes with longing vocals and haunting chants. Truly an experience to listen to!

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